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Rahma Academy Maintenance

After a total of 4 years of planning, fund raising and construction, with the grace of Allah the Rahma Academy was inaugurated on the 13th of September 2013. We had many guests from across the globe at the opening including our chief guest, Qari Saad Nomani from Medina.

The Rahma Academy currently houses the Rahma School comprising of 370 students and has reached its maximum capacity. The Academy school features a purpose built modern Science lab, IT lab, a library, dining area and an indoor sports hall. Apart from this there is a conference hall, shops for rent on the, Rahma (Mercy) admin offices, rented offices and an accommodation area for guests.

The Academy also accommodates a Madrasah in the afternoon teaching Islamic studies and Hifz. In addition to this there are English, IT and Islamic courses on the weekends attended by 140 students.

The Academy also hosts regular events for women of the local community, such as social meetings, Islamic courses and occasional dinners including Iftar in Ramadan.

Other schools from around the country choose the Rahma Academy as a venue to hold national competitions in various topics ranging from Mathematics to History.

In short it would suffice to say that the Rahma Academy is a notorious centre of education and community work.

Rahma (Mercy) would like to thank all its members, volunteers, donors, the structural engineer (Yusuf Musa), the Al Imdaad Foundation and all those who helped making this vision a reality.

"When a man dies his actions come to an end except for three: an ongoing charity; knowledge that benefits others or pious offspring who pray for him Muslim The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." Tirmidhi

History so far
A total of 510 students
A total of 510 students
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Donate any amount for the Rahma Academy maintenance
Donate any amount for the Rahma Academy maintenance