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Emdee Education Centre

Joint Project – Rahma (Mercy) & Emdee Charitable Trust

Emdee Education Centre

Joint Project – Rahma (Mercy) & Emdee Charitable Trust

Give the gift of education

Our Aims

The project is based in a socio-economic deprived area within the city of Elbasan. Our aim is to assist members of this community by providing them with access to opportunities that they have been deprived of for generations.


About The Project

The Emdee Education Centre was established in September 2018 to provide a prayer, educational and communal space to the local community. The building is being used as a multi-purpose education facility that is used by almost 500 people.

Prior to the construction of the building, there were many Madrasahs that were running in cramped and crowded conditions. On average there were 30 students per class that were studying in extremely small rooms. The local community also did not have access to a prayer facility within their vicinity.

Long-Term Impact
There are over 200 students that utilise this building every week. They now have the opportunity to study in a classroom environment with a reasonable amount of space. In addition to this, the boys hifz class and Imam training class both board and study in here. The local community is benefiting from the building in terms of having access to education and social aid. 

The Project So Far

6 Multi-Purpose Classrooms

5 Fully Established Madrasahs

Boys Hifz Class

Imam Training Course

Boarding Facilities

200+ Madrasah Students


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