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Islamic Literature

Educate The Next Generation

Islamic Literature

Educate The Next Generation

Educate Future Generations

Our Aims

To provide our students with a clear and concise syllabus without compromising on the essential topics. To give them the content for them to benefit from sound and beneficial knowledge.


About The Project

Madrasah Book Sets
In 2013 we launched a tailored syllabus in partnership with An Nasihah Publications to ensure that no student in our Madrasah system was left without access to the basic information required to study Islam. These books were first published by An Nasihah in Albania, and after receiving positive feedback from the students and teachers, they have since produced the syllabus in various languages, including English and are now being used throughout the world.

The syllabus covers all the following topics; Jurisprudence (Fiqh), History (Tarikh), Character (Akhlaq), Manners (Adab), Essential Beliefs (Aqa’id), Life of the Prophet PBUH (Seerah), Sayings of the Prophet PBUH (Hadith) and Selected Chapters of the Quran for memorisation.

There are 8 books in the syllabus each covering the above topics with a view to retain students in our Madrasah system for a minimum of 8 years.

Quran Distribution and Rahma (Mercy) have had a long term partnership in distributing Qurans translated in the Albanian language to the people of the Balkans.

If you know somebody that would benefit from a copy of this Quran or if you would like to donate towards this cause, please contact us.

How You Can Help

Your donation will go a long way in our mission to Educate the future generations. Every letter read and every word memorised will be a great means of continuous reward (Sadaqah Jaariyah)


So Far We Have Reached

Our aim is to distribute 100,000 Qurans in the Balkans.


The Project So Far

The syllabus along with the Madrasah Project has been integral to changing the lives of many of our students as they have been positively impacted by their studies and this has been reflected from their change in behaviour and character. Please see the testimonial video from our staff and students to see how you have helped to change their lives.


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