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Imam Khalil Patel – CEO – 1999
Imam Khalil is a founding member and director of Rahma Mercy. He also serves as the organisations spiritual leader and ensures the charity operates in accordance to Islamic principles. Imam Khalil has been with the charity since its inception in 1999 and personally visits the region many times throughout the year to establish schools, mosques and an to ensure the work on the ground is being carried out as entrusted to us by the generous donors. He is also the Head Imam of Masjid-ul-Imam-il-Bukhari in Leicester.

Abdul Aziz Moti – Trustee, Joined 2005
Mr Moti joined Rahma in 2005 as a trustee and has proved to be a valuable member of the senior team. Abdul Aziz plays a pivotal role in helping the charity to maximise resources at the best value in order to achieve its objectives.

Salim Daud Valli – Trustee, Joined 2005
Mr Valli became a trustee in August 2015. He has been working with Rahma Mercy since 1999 and officially became a member in 2005. He is a dedicated member of the team and frequently visits the region to personally oversee the operations on the ground.

Moulana Imtiaz Mahetar – Trustee, Joined 2006
Maulana Imtiaz is a graduate of Darul Uloom Leicester. He has been involved with Rahma since his graduation. He became a trustee in April 2014.

Abdul Raoof Kali – Trustee, Joined 2006
Mr Kali became a trustee in August 2015. He has been a great team member and has contributed towards Rahma tirelessly.

Asif Vhora – Trustee, Joined 2009
Mr Vhora became a trustee in August 2015. He provides a very strategic and corporate input into how the charity and projects are run.


Imam Faik Khamkar

Imam Faik has been with Rahma since 2009 and is responsible for: Managing the Madrasah Project, Liaising with International Partners and General Enquiries. Contact Imam Faik on

Hafiz Waseem Sumra
Hafiz Waseem joined the charity in 2017 and is responsible for: Managing the Orphan Project, Social Media, Payment Enquiries, Standing Orders, Direct Debits. Contact Hafiz Waseem on

Imam Azhar Minhas – UK Office Manager
Imam Azhar joined the Rahma team in 2010 and has spent one year in Albania managing the Rahma Academy Project. He is now the UK office manager. Contact Imam Azhar on

Sadik Mahetar
Mr Mahetar  joined the Rahma team in 2008 and is responsible for the evening shifts in the Leicester Office.


Moulana Yusuf Khan

Moulana Yusuf joined the Rahma team in 2014 and is the head shop assistant.


Moulana Imran Afzal – Field Manager
Moulana Imran moved to Albania in 2014 and manages our projects on the ground Contact Moulana Imran on

Hafiz Subhaan Kazi – Assistant Field Manager
Hafiz Subhaan joined the charity in 2009 and was part of our Admin team up until the end of February 2018. He has now joined Moulana Imran in the field as is assisting him in managing projects on the ground. Contact Hafiz Subhaan on




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