Orphan Sponsorship

There are still many young children who need our help

We (Rahma) are in most cases the only provider of vital assistance

We now support 1000 Orphans:

  • 500 in Albania
  • 300 in Kosovo
  • 100 in Macedonia
  • 100 in Serbia

Rahma has been supporting orphans for the last 18 years, and the number of orphans that receive money has grown year on year. We are in most cases the only provider of vital assistance to 1000 orphans throughout Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia.

There are still so many young children who need our help. Each year we come across so many deserving children who want an opportunity to live a basic life and grow up to a better future. Your contributions make a massive difference and will continue to do so; today, tomorrow and beyond.

"I and the person who cares for an orphan will enter Jannah together like this (holding his forefinger and middle finger together)." Bukhari

History so far
We now support 1000 Orphans
We now support 1000 Orphans
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Per month sponsorship for an orphan
Per year sponsorship for an orphan

Xhesika's Story in her own words

Xhesika's story

"I am 14 years old and I am in the ninth class. I study in the “Rahma School”. I have been too young when my father passed away and my family was not prepared for this, he let us in a very bad economic situation. My mum was not employed and our only support was Rahma Mercy.

Your association has changed our lives. No one never helped us and sometimes our house was empty, I mean there was nothing to eat. When Rahma Mercy started helping us, everything changed.

When we registered as orphans, we also started to attend Islamic courses. There I learnt about my Lord; my life took a different path. I felt like my God closed a door for me but He opened another one even bigger. Your help and support were endless.

I was only 10 years old, and my brother was 14 when we found out that we would move to another school, to "Rahma School", a school with very high standards and with conditions which no school has in Albania. I still study in this school together with my brother, it seems like nothing has happened, we have no problems, we are even better than before.

I cannot find words to describe my gratitude which comes from the deep of my heart, I thank you for changing my life. May the Almighty reward you and your families with Jannah! Aameen.”