Uthman ibn Affan reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said,”There is no right for the son of Adam except in these things: a house in which he lives, a garment to cover his nakedness, a piece of bread and water.” Sahih (authentic) according to At-Tirmidhi. One of our relatively new projects is the Housing Project. Our aim is to help repair and build suitable housing and shelter for those most in need.
The project came about due to the desperate need for the poorest people to have their homes rebuilt or repaired. Under the strict communist regime many family homes were badly neglected and became unfit for living. The winter months mean that many people live in houses without a roof or in buildings that have a direct negative impact on their health and wellbeing. There are many young families who still need adequate shelter. Please give what you can to make sure every child can go to sleep in a safe and warm home.

What’s going on?

We’ve built 4 houses to date.

Carried out repairs in 3 houses.

Help repair and build suitable housing.


In 2012 we introduced eight year old orphan Arsem Rama and his disabled brother to provide a glimpse into his life and the challenges they face with their day to day living. Their only support came from their mother and grandmother who struggled to help Arsem's brother and lived in a house that was not suitable for the wheelchair. Since then Rahma has built the family a new home with a ramp and full wheelchair access. Through these simple changes and basic modifcations, Arsem's family are able to live more independently and his mother and grandmother no longer have to struggle carrying Arsem's brother up the stairs.Arsem's whole family give thanks and prayers to everyone who donates to Rahma and they are living a much happier life thanks to your life changing donations. They now face their future with hope, optimism and a huge smile on their faces.
The average cost to build a house with three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom is £15,000. The cost may vary depending on the location and size of the house built. Funds can be raised with family and friends to share the total cost, alternatively you can set up a standing order. If you would like to build a house for a specific family then we can also provide you with an information pack on individual cases.