Orphan Sponsorship


Orphan Sponsorship

“I and the person who cares for an orphan will enter Jannah together like this (holding his forefinger and middle finger together).” Bukhari We now support 1000 Orphans 500 Albania 300 Kosovo 100 Macedonia 100 Serbia Rahma has been supporting orphans for the last 18 years, and the number of orphans that receive money has grown year on year. We are in most cases the only provider of vital assistance to 1000 orphans throughout Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia.
There are still so many young children who need our help. Each year we come across so many deserving children who want an opportunity to live a basic life and grow up to a better future. Your contributions make a massive difference and will continue to do so; today, tomorrow and beyond. The cost to sponsor an orphan is £300 a year or £25 per month sponsorship for an orphan.

What’s going on?

17.8 million children worldwide have lost both parents

There are still many young children who need our help

Rahma now support over 1,000 orphans

Klea's story (in her own words)

Orphan Case Study – Klea's story (in her own words) AssalamuAleykum My name is Klea and I am from Elbasan, Albania. I am an only child and an orphan. My father died in 2012 when he was 50. He died because of an infarct when I was only 12 years old. Now, I live with my mom in a small flat. Before my father died my mother was too bad. She had and she still has some big problems with her health. My dad got very worried because doctors said my mom could live only for 3 months. He suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and got paralyzed.

In the time he was paralyzed my mom went to the hospital because of her kidneys and stayed there for one week.I used to take care for my paralyzed dad and help him get through the day. But his heart was really weak and on 29th of February he passed away. After my father's death my mom got worse.

She was powerless to help bring me up. Our financial condition was not good. She used to be a nurse but she gave up working when she got sick. So now she is retired. My mom registered me at Rahma (Mercy) so we could improve our conditions. I was not informed about Islam. One friend had talked to me about Islam but I didn't use to practice it. Now I am proud of my religion.

I felt really good at the first Rahma madrasah class that I had. The teacher was kind to me and taught me Islam in such a beautiful way. My mom is also proud of what I am now. She noticed the difference in me compared to before. After going to the madrasah classes I got more polite and helpful to my mom. Now she is more sick, as her kidneys don't work at all. We go to the hospital three times a week. She also suffers from diabetes, she has heart problems and the biggest problem is that she has a hepatic cirrhosis. Now that I frequent Rahma classes I have learnt to pray and Alhamdulillah I pray 5 times. When I pray I always make duas for my mom. I pray to Allah for her health and our lives. I read Quran and I hope I do better in the future. All in all, I am so thankful to Rahma Mercy.

Firstly I thank them for their kindness. They have always treated me with respect and helped me get through problems. Secondly, I thank them for the best gift they could ever give to me, they made me a good muslim girl.All I am in Islam now I owe to my teachers and Rahma (Mercy). Also I want to thank them for their financial help.May Allah bless every person that have contributed for my education and everything. Ameen. Klea Cuka