annual reports


Rahma Annual report 2019

"Rahma (Mercy) is celebrating 20 years this year of providing aid and relief to the impoverished people of the Balkans. This is a huge milestone for us as a charity; a dream which the Rahma team and I never thought would be possible. Marking this occasion I would like to present to you our 20 year special annual report."

Rahma Annual report 2018

"Rahma (Mercy) was set up nineteen years ago but the cries of the Kosovan refugees still echo in my ears till today.
One may say Rahma has achieved so much, the truth is we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg."

Rahma Annual report 2017

"It is solely through the grace of the Almighty, your prayers and support that Rahma (Mercy) has been working for 18 years in the Balkans. From our humble beginning as an Aid Convoy outbound for Albania to assist Kosovan refugees, we have evolved into an organisation that is sponsoring orphans, building Masaajid and schools, running over one hundred Madrasahs, providing aid to the poor and needy and empowering people through education. It has been a long journey with many hurdles but with your phenomenal support and prayers we have managed to overcome them."

Rahma Annual report 2016

"The year 2015/16 has been an incredible year for Rahma in all aspects. The Rahma Academy has been running exceptionally well and it has given us encouragement to start a new project. We have purchased a piece of new land on which we hope to build an extension to the Academy in the next few years."

Rahma Annual report 2015

"The previous year has been very exciting and very busy for Rahma. It's been almost 2 years now since the inception of the Academy and the progress has been beyond my very own expectations. We've received outstanding reviews from the state government department and the exam results of the students have been exceptional."

Rahma Annual report 2014

"Without doubt, the single biggest highlight of the past year has been the successful completion and grand opening of the stunning Rahma Academy. Furthermore, this year marks fifteen years since we first began helping the poor and needy in Kosovo and Albania. I am particularly thrilled to be introducing our special 15 year’ report."

Rahma Annual report 2013

"It gives me great pleasure to present this year’s report especially as we have made yet further progress over the last 12 months. It goes without saying that the newly built Rahma Academy is the most significant project we have undertaken, and the final preparations are underway ahead of its grand opening this September 2013. More details on the Academy can be found later in this report."

Rahma Annual report 2012

"Inside the report you will find updates on all that we do and a strong vision for the future and how you can be an integral part of it. The pictures also tell a powerful story but show hope and how people’s lives are being changed since we first decided to help the poor and needy in 1999."

Rahma Annual report 2011

"I would like to kick off this year's report by touching upon the 'Rahma Academy Project'. I was able to introduce the vision for this project in last year's report and work on realising this dream is now gathering pace. Since last year, we have secured the land, had the designs approved, and the building works for this multi-storey, multi-purpose building is now well underway. More on where we are with this work is contained within the report."

Rahma Annual report 2010

"As Rahma enters into its twelfth year, I am still surprised and thrilled to see it develop, evolve and thrive in the way in which it has. What excites me further is the future vision of transforming a region that was until the late 1990s so far from the right path into a vibrant, self-sustaining Islamic community."