Molana Ebrahim Bham
Molana Ebrahim Bham Secretary General of Jamiat Ulama South Africa

"The one who remembers the Almighty Creator among those who forget Him, is like a green leaf in the midst of dry ones."

I have had the good opportunity of knowing Molana Khalil for some time. I have also been hearing about his charity Rahma (Mercy) and the remarkable work that is being carried out. Many people are doing projects around the world, however one point of distinction when you do something that is pioneering, can you do it with the great amount of challenges that are there. For example in a hadith our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him mentions:

"The one who remembers the Almighty Creator among those who forget Him, is like a green leaf in the midst of dry ones."

How the green leaf stands out, that is like those who are doing work in area and places where others are not; this is their virtue. We all know the history of Albania where majority of Muslims had lost their connection with the deen. Rahma (Mercy) has undertaken this initiative to make a difference there.

This is not only an important work but a pioneering one. When you take part in pioneering work, whatever happens after, you receive a share in the benefits. Whoever keeps these two distinctions and points in mind (1. Working where nobody works and 2. Pioneering work) and lends a supporting, hand will be a part of this legacy. When I visited Albania I had the opportunity of visiting the remarkable institution (The Rahma Academy) that has been established and the land which the new Islamic centre (The Rahma Institute) will be built.

I pray to the Almighty creator that he gives Molana Khalil and Rahma Mercy the ability to continue with their good work and grant them an appropriate reward for the efforts they are doing. May the Almighty Creator take them from strength to strength. May He also give them all forms of success. I am honoured to be part of this initiative and I hope to further lend my hand in this intiative.

Shaykh Sulaimaan M.Ravat
Shaykh Sulaimaan M.Ravat Presenter Radio Islam International, South Africa

"We are all aware of the Islamic concept of we plan & The Almighty plans, we think and The Almighty decides, we attempt and The Almighty does."

As-salamu 'alaykum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuh,

Albania: A trip that left me inspired!

We are all aware of the Islamic concept of we plan & The Almighty plans, we think and The Almighty decides, we attempt and The Almighty does.

My trip to Albania gave me a good reminder of this fundamental Islamic belief. I was of the notion that I was invited to Albania to witness first-hand the legacy of communism and decades of total religious depravation, report back on my observations to the South African Muslim community and offer religious advises and inspiration to the Muslims of Albania.

It was only a few hours into the journey when the realization hit me that Allah Ta'aala had brought me to Albania so that I could learn and be the recipient of inspiration! Yes, the Albanian Muslim community still has a long journey ahead in terms of securing basic knowledge of Deen, developing religious infrastructure and shaping religious identity.

However, the character they display, their enthusiasm and sacrifice in pursuit of religious knowledge, their humility, zeal to practice on whatever they have learnt and selflessness despite constrained circumstances is a necessary reminder for those of us who may possess more knowledge and come from a background of stronger religious infrastructure but have forgotten these basic and core values of our Deen.

I was further inspired by the dedication and professionalism with which the Rahma Mercy team serve the Deen in Albania. Their achievements and ongoing commitment is indeed commendable and worthy of emulation.

I have travelled to a number of countries for a variety of reasons, but hardly has a short trip to any country left me so touched, humbled and inspired. Their hospitality is indeed profound and their projects are pioneering in nature. My Duas are ongoing for all Deeni efforts in Albania.

Shaykh Sulaimaan M.Ravat
Mufti Zeeyad Ravat Pillars Of Guidance Community Centre, Melbourne, Australia

"I was introduced to Rahma (Mercy) last year and was totally amazed to see the astounding work they are doing in Albania."

I always looked at the country of Albania on the World Map and wondered what this country would be like in terms of people and culture. Moreover, how much the religion of Islam was practiced and are there any institutes imparting basic and higher Islamic knowledge after the long communist suppression? A wish came true and a dua was answered when The Almighty granted me the opportunity to experience this part of paradise on earth for myself in October 2016. I was totally taken aback by the natural beauty of this Balkan country. Mountains, rivers, streams, farms, forests and Masjid minarets everywhere to be seen. I was introduced to Rahma (Mercy) last year and was totally amazed to see the astounding work they are doing in Albania. They have adopted this country as their own and have given the poor children of Albania more than they would perhaps give their own children in terms of love, education, spirituality, financial aid and health.

The Rahma Academy is a state of the art masterpiece that vies with any modern-day school and caters for the schooling of hundreds of underprivileged children. I heard a young girl at the school saying "the teachers understand us", rather than the cliché "we understand our teachers" which speaks a lot about the bond and care that exists. More than a decade ago I was involved in opening Maktabs in West Africa and visiting the Maktabs in Albania refreshed these emotional feelings and truly took me down memory lane. We visited few homes in the high mountains to deliver some Aid. However more than I think we helped them, they helped us in understanding simplicity and happiness. The most enjoyable part of our trip was a special presentation held for us by the students of Rahma Mercy. They gave speeches, sang nasheeds in several languages and exhibited their confidence in the most amazing way. The Prophet (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said "Before the day of Judgement the best possession of a man will be his flock of sheep in the mountains." There could not be any place befitting this hadith more than the mountain peaks of Elbasan dotted with Masjid minarets. Albania we are proud of you! Rahma Mercy students we are proud of you!

Shaykh Sulaimaan M.Ravat
Qari Saad Nomani Madina

"I would like to request to everybody to support Rahma and its projects."

When I visited Albania last year, I was very happy to see the work Rahma is doing. This work is full of praise and blessings. I was amazed to see that with a small budget Rahma has managed so much including building a beautiful academy.

I had the opportunity to visit orphans, listen to children recite Qur'an and for this I would like to congratulate the efforts of the Rahma team. Each member has his own exceptional but unique quality that makes the Rahma team so brilliant.