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empowering the woman in the balkans

NAHLA centre (Bosnia)


Help the women in the Balkans to preserve our Islamic teachings, a gift which will allow them to flourish.
Donate £60 for the course fee per student for an entire year!

Rahma Mercy has been supporting the Nahla Centre for Education and Research to help clarify the negative perceptions of Islam within the society in Bosnia & Herzegovina and to empower women for many years.

Through your support we were again able to fund the education of 150 beneficiaries to enable them to study various Islamic Disciplines and cover the basic and advanced teachings of these areas. This has helped many women in the understanding of their faith and how they can positively impact their society along with helping them to advance their research.

The Nahla Centre has effectively helped women's economic empowerment through Islam by helping them to recognise their separate and independent identity.

Female Dawah

Any amount

Contributing to this noble cause opens a gateway of enlightenment for women who may have never before beheld the profound beauty of Islam.
The operational cost to sustain this commendable initiative amounts to £250 per month!

The Female Dawah initiative is a devoted effort aimed at disseminating knowledge about Islam, making a meaningful impact on the lives of numerous women across Albania through engaging Islamic gatherings.

During these gatherings, local Madrasah students showcase Quranic reverence, recite melodious nasheeds, and engage in insightful faith discussions. Complimentary refreshments add to the hospitable atmosphere. For some women, it's an introduction to Islam; for others, a deeper understanding of Madrasah teachings. The program aims to dispel preconceived notions about Islam.

These enlightening gatherings occur thrice monthly, moving locations to broaden reach. Sustaining this initiative costs £250/month. Your contribution offers enlightenment to women new to Islam's beauty, fostering discovery and understanding.

Female empowerment

Any Amount

Uplift women in the Balkans who confront the formidable challenges of inequity, grappling with the adversities of poverty.
Sustaining this remarkable initiative demands an investment of £250 each month.

Inaugurated in October 2022, our Female Empowerment Initiative is dedicated to catalyzing positive change for women in the Balkans.

This initiative offers training for women to start businesses, enhancing their livelihoods. Empowering women not only transforms their lives, but also extends to families and the nation.

Supporting this impactful initiative requires a monthly investment of £250. Your contribution uplifts Balkan women facing inequity, poverty, displacement, and limited education. Your generosity fuels change, empowering women to overcome challenges and shape their futures.

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