rahma's team


Imam Khalil Patel

Chief Executive Officer

One of the founding members of Rahma Mercy, he is responsible for managing the charity's overall operations and serves as the charity's spiritual leader. He has been with the charity since its inception in 1999 and has dedicated his life to the charity and works tirelessly to meet the charity's goals.

Imam Azhar Minhas

Operations Manager

He first joined the charity in 2010 and is one of our longest serving members of staff. He has spent extensive time in the field and now oversees all operational activities of the charity. He also dedicates his time to ensure efficient delivery of our projects on the ground.

Imam Abubaker Hikmatulla

Regional Fundraiser - London

He joined the charity in 2019. Prior to this he was a volunteer for 10 years. He is in charge of all fundraising and awareness activities within his region, for example, arranging presentations at schools, Masaajid and community centres.

Mohammed Sadiq Kara

Regional Fundraiser - Yorkshire

Joined the charity in 2022 and is our lead fundraiser for the Yorkshire region. His role involves organising fundraising activities such as Charity fun days and liaising with local businesses and communities.

Usman Musa

Project Co-ordinator

Joined the charity in 2022 and is in charge of projects such as the Water Well project and Aqeeqah/Qurbani project. Also, he co-ordinates all projects that we deliver for our partners both nationally and internationally.

Salman Nathanie

Finance Lead

He joined the charity in 2021. Currently, he works closely with our accounts team and is responsible for monitoring incoming and outgoing transactions. He also deals with all queries in regards to the donation process.

Fatemah Manjoo

Social Welfare Project Lead

She joined the charity in 2022. She is responsible for Orphan Sponsorship project, Poor Families Sponsorship project and Medical Aid project.

Elona Kaculi

Madrasah Project Lead

She joined the charity in 2021 and is responsible for entire Madrasah Project. This includes our Madrasah Class Sponsorship, Madrasah Student Support, Hifz Student Sponsorship, Hifz Class Sponsorship, Mualimah Class Sponsorship and the Imam Class Sponsorship.

Ml Yusuf Khan

Batley Shop Manager

He joined in 2014. He has had a wealth of experience in sales and marketing before joining us. His loyalty and sincerity to our cause has been the driving force of the charity in the West Yorkshire region and he continues to be a valued member of our team.


Abdulaziz Moti

Chair of Trustees

Mr Moti joined Rahma (Mercy) in 2005 as a trustee and has proved to be a valuable member of the senior team. Abdulaziz plays a pivotal role in helping the charity to maximise resources at the best value in order to achieve its objectives.

Salim Daud Valli

Mr Valli became a trustee in August 2015. He has been with Rahma (Mercy) since 1999 and became a volunteer in 2005. He is a dedicated member of the team and frequently visits the region to personally oversee the operations on the ground.

Abdul Raoof Kali

Mr Kali became a trustee in August 2015. He has been a great team member and has contributed towards Rahma (Mercy) tirelessly. He regularly visits our projects on the ground to supervise and ensure efficient delivery of projects.

Imam Imtiaz Mahetar

Imam Imtiaz is a graduate of Darul Uloom Leicester and has been involved with Rahma (Mercy) since. He became a trustee in April 2014. He is a valued companion and is ready to further the cause of the charity at every opportunity.

Mohammed Asif Vhora

Mr Vhora became a trustee in August 2015. Prior to this he was a volunteer since 2009. He provides a very strategic and corporate input into how the charity is run. He always looks to constructively improve our internal processes and management.