Annual reports

Annual Report 2024

With a heart full of gratitude, I am delighted to present our annual report, marking a significant milestone in Rahma Mercy's journey - 25 years of commitment in providing aid and reviving Islam in the Balkans.

Annual Report 2023

Last year, your donations made an impact on our Madrasah Support programme enabling us to open 15 new classes. You've helped to improve health, livelihoods and nutrition of families in some of the most remote villages across the Balkans through our Housing, Medical and Poor and Needy projects.

Annual Report 2022

What makes our charity different is that we have kept our focus in the Balkans, not only do we support the poor and needy, but we have expanded our development initiatives including school facilities, madrasahs and giving da'wah to our brother and sisters...

Annual Report 2021

...It was a year of testing times, a year of sorrow, a year of hardship and a year of uncertainty. many lives have been lost. Covid 19 not only affected a nation, it made an impact on the entire world...

Annual Report 2020

During the month of Ramadhan, a record number of food parcels were distributed, 6 of our students completed their Qur'an memorisation and the opening of our newest Masjid.

Annual Report 2019

A few notable occasions etched in my memory include; the foundation laying of the Rahma Institute project, the opening of the Emdee Educational Centre...

Annual Report 2018

A few highlights of the past year include; the launch of the Rahma Institute project, the opening of Masjid Hafiz Mohammed Patel, the completion of Quran memorisation by 4 of our students and the graduation of our very first Imam.

Annual Report 2017

My personal highlight of the year was when two of our students finished the Hifz (memorisation) of the holy Quran in the short time span of one year

Annual Report 2016

...has been an incredible year for Rahma in all aspects. The Rahma Academy has been running exceptionally well and it has given us encouragement to start a new project. We have purchased a piece of new land on which we hope to build an extension to the Academy in the next few years.

Annual Report 2015

The single biggest highlight for me this year has been the progress of the Madaaris. When Rahma began 16 years ago the muslims knew nothing about Islam and a lot of work had to be done. At the time nobody could imagine that a day would come where students at a very young age would be able to recite qur'aan so beautifully.

Annual Report 2014

...this year marks fifteen years since we first began helping the poor and needy in Kosovo and Albania. I am particularly thrilled to be introducing our special 15 year' report

Annual Report 2013

We never imagined in 1999 that we would be in such a position where we can now help these people to help themselves. A milestone has been achieved but the real challenge to sustain and develop the work begins now.

Annual Report 2012

I know I say it each year, but these are really exciting times for Rahma. Not only have we seen a new office in Bolton open but our profile seems to be at its highest, and the work on the academy in Albania continues to gather pace.