Hadhrat Shaykh Adam (RA)

(Sadaqah Jaariyah) in loving memory


Hadhrat Shaykh was not only a mentor to me but also a beacon of wisdom, particularly in matters pertaining to Rahma (Mercy).

Any amount

The projected cost for this endeavor, including land acquisition, stands at £80,000. I earnestly appeal to your generosity in contributing towards this noble cause.

A message from Imam Khalil Patel (Rahma's CEO)
Assalaamu Alaykum,
Esteemed friends,
It brings me great joy to announce the commencement of the late Shaykh Adam (RA) Education Centre project in Albania.

O Allah, forgive him, raise his rank among those who are guided, and take care of those he leaves behind him. Forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds; expand his grave for him and illuminate it for him.

This noble endeavor is dedicated as a perpetual charity (Sadaqah Jaariyah) in loving memory of the late Hadhrat Mawlana Adam Sahib (RA), a revered figure who not only served as the imam and founder of Jame' Masjid in Leicester but also contributed significantly to the establishment of various centers of learning.

Insha Allah, this fitting tribute will be situaded in Shkoder, North Albania, strategically placed within a densely populated area.

This noble project has been approved by the late Shaykh's family

May Allah reward your benevolence abundantly.
Jazakumullah Khairun,
Imam Khalil Patel

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