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31 Masaajid built

about the project

The need for a masjid, the heart of any local Muslim community has never been so dire

The Prophet (saw) said: "Whoever constructs a masjid for Allah, Allah will construct a house for him in Paradise"



Prices start from £80,000 (any amount can be donated) and locations include Albania, Kosovo, Macedona and Bosnia.

During Albania's communist rule, over 1000 masjid's were forced to closed down with religious practices being banned.

Only a handful of masjid's survived this era, most of them dilapidated. As of 1991, only two mosques in Tirana (Albania Capital) were fit for use by worshipers.

So far, Rahma (Mercy) have worked with donors to build 31 Masaajids in Albania.

Since then, people have been able to come together to pray in congregation as well as the facility being used for educational programmes and other everyday services. In rural Albania, a masjid is much more than a place of worship, is it a symbol of hope in re-establishing and reviving the spread of Islam.

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