Madrasah Project

Over 5900 students


This project ensures that we are able to revive Islam in the Balkans and enable the Muslims to regain their identity and practice their faith again.

190 Madrasahs
£12.50 a month or £150 per Year

Your donation will cover the teacher wages, rent, uniforms and activities.

After over 40 years of communism, Islam had almost been wiped out and as a result left a whole generation of Muslims without the required knowledge to practice their faith.

Our first Madrasah was opened in 1999 and has continued to grow in numbers ever since across the Balkan region. To date, we have 190 Madrasahs (139 in Albania, 55 in Kosovo and 4 in Macedonia) established teaching more than 5900 students. Every Madrasah has on average 20 - 25 students, young and old, studying Quran, Tajweed and Fiqh.

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