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About rahma
About Rahma

Rahma (Mercy) has been working in the Balkans since 1999

We help communities in the region break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and regain their Islamic identity after years of communism

current projects

Rahma Institute

Boarding Facility for Girls higher Islamic education, Madrassah, Prayer Hall, Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, Canteen, Conference Hall, Play Area, Car Parking, Offices and Shops.

The projected cost for the total project is £4.5 million

We kindly request donors to donate wholeheartedly to get this project up and running

Collected so far
Orphan Sponsorship
Orphan Sponsorship
Masajid Construction
Masajid Construction
Water Wells
Water Wells

100% Donations Policy

For every

100% Donations policy

You donate to Rahma (mercy)

100% is spent towards the project of your choice, 0% is spent in Admin

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Calculate your Zakah

"Take from their money a charity to cleanse them and purify them"

Qur'an 9:103

Annual Report

2018 - 1439/1440

100% Donations policy

highlights of the past year

I would like to present to all our donors the latest annual report...

Rahma (Mercy) in numbers
1000 orpahns sponsored
1000Orphans Sponsored
Madrasahs opened
125Madrasahs opened
25 Masjids Built
25Masjids built
Food Parcels (2017)
9200Food parcels (2017)
119 Sheep Slaughtered
119Qurbani (2017)
School students
375School students
Book Sets Printed
5000Book Sets Printed
61 Scholarships
Food Parcels (2017)
3000Albanian Qur'ans
>Waterwells built (2017)
24Waterwells (2017)